New Camera

I got a new camera this week - the discontinued Nikon D5300, with a 35mm prime lens. I love it! Although the built quality is not as good as my sister's D7100, it's light-weight and super handy for casual daily use. Today, I finally had some time to play with it, and of course, the subject matter is my quilts. 

My Spring Basket quilt is washed and shrink to the final look. It's now displayed on my quilt ladder that I got from an antique market last summer, together with the sampler quilt that I made in 2013. 

And my sewing mating cover. It's the first project that I tried the McTavishing technique. The 35mm prime lens was able to capture the quilting details... ten times better than my iPhone 6. 

With my new camera I feel more encouraged to share my works. I need to be more productive this year! Try more techniques, learn more tips, and sew more!