Meet My Studio

In the past two weekends my husband and I were busy at transforming one of our bedrooms into a sewing/quilting studio.


I got a much bigger sewing area, which is just fantastic!


I purchased the biggest Ikea bookcase for housing my quilting/sewing books and fabric stash.


My vintage sewing machine cabinet abuts the "modern" sewing table so I would have more area beyond cabinet when doing free motion quilting.


My new cutting table (also from Ikea). A worthwhile $99 investment!


Vintage sewing machine attachments and needle case to "decorate" the shelf.


Cute Tibetan dolls...


My quilting and sewing books. I love to browse them, especially those documenting the old quilts.


The peg board… I considered it the most successful creation of this studio transformation project. My husband and I followed the instructions from Home Depot and built the board from scratch. It is a tremendous success! I love how the cutting rulers are neatly displaced on the board.


Finally, my current quilting project. 13.5" blocks pinned on the "design wall" that I improvised using insulation foam board, batting, linen fabric, and lot of staples and pins.

So now what's next? I want to makeover the ugly looking curtain!