Singer 201-3

Restoration #2

Two weeks ago, I cleaned my Singer 201-3 thoroughly. Last week, I brought it to the World Sewing Store and had it rewired and tuned up. Another gorgeous vintage sewing machine!


The first thing I did, after stitching a few lines on a scrap to make sure it runs well, was trying free-motion on it. For some reason, there was some "inevitable" forces that drag the quilt sandwich from moving at the speed that I have no problem with the Singer 15-90. It could move smoothly and produced stunning stitches only when the fabric was fed slowly. Perhaps that has something to do with the top-loaded bobbin, as some people argue that because the bobbin thread has to make a 90 degree turn in order to form a stitch, it slows down the process.


But it sews so quietly. Plus, according to the seller, this machine was acquired in around 1949 and had been serving her family for three generations! Her mom made clothing for all her four children with it, and as a teenager, she sewed most of her clothing with it, too. Now, her daughter is also a proficient seamstress working in the fashion industry! I feel like carrying over a family's pride when sewing with it!


Also in the past weekend, I finished a UFO from long long time ago, before I met my husband! It was forgotten in a cabinet  for at least two years, until recently I re-picked quilting and wanted to practice free-motion quilting with it, and tried to familiar myself with the finishing of a quilt.


And I did it! Although so imperfectly, it was finished without holes and ripping seams. Picture taken before washing. 


The fabric is so flowery and old-fashioned. I would never choose this type of fabric if I would have the chance to start over again.