A Big Disappointment

My quilt has been back from the longarmer a while ago... I simply didn't have time to express how disappointed I am (just finished a long stay in China, plus a small surgery, and then back to work overwhelmed with so many projects)! All I want to do now is to take my seam ripper and rip rip rip!

So, at the beginning, we agreed that she would do light custom quilting and would use simple patterns like cross hatching, circles, swirls, etc. To me, simple does not mean rushing over something. I expect workmanship, and a well-planned simple layout. But when I received my quilt, I wonder if she is even qualified to do custom quilts. Look how horrible her swirls are:

I felt like she was learning how to do swirls on my quilt!

For sure I am gonna rip her swirls and replace with my own swirls and feathers, like this, but on a larger scale:

And her stitch-in-the-ditch is just stitch-outside-the-ditch!

And she decided that for the money she charged me, she could not spend too much time on my quilt, and so much of the background is not quilted!

The puffy background drives me nuts!

And so to save her time, she ruined my hand-sewn sunburst blocked with a big swirl in the center! 

Really, I think I can do much better myself. So today I went to a Bernina dealer, and ordered a Q20.