An Update

It's been a while since my last entry back in August of 2015. I have been so busy with work and -- last summer my husband and I purchased our first house! We have been learning how to renovate and renovating our house since the closing day - Sept. 29, 2015. Thank goodness, the interior is 95% completed as of this weekend. So many things learned, so much frustration, and so overwhelmed. It's a lengthy and nervous process. Thank goodness, nothing irreversibly wrong happened, and we are now satisfied with our makeover on a house built in 1971. I think we truly brought a modern, clean and fresh look to the previously beige-colored-everywhere rooms, only whishing we could have more budget to renovate the washrooms and the kitchen. So, we need to work hard and save more. When summer comes, we will do a makeover for our garage, built a deck and fence up our backyard. But meanwhile, we need a break.

I will be relocating my studio to the basement. That is certainly not the best location, but I can have almost the entire basement to indulge with! I have painted the walls with a very nice aqua color - Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring, cut a larger pegboard, assembled a larger cutting table, and today we went to IKEA for three more Kallax shelving units. Stay tuned and I will soon reveal how my new studio will be like.

I will end the update with something quilted.

Honestly, although I didn't have many completed works in 2015, I did learn a lot of new skills, and my handwork improved tremendously. Look!

These blocks are made with different techniques: English paper-piecing, hand-sewn patchwork, needle-turned applique, and turned-edge machine applique. The background fabrics are cut larger and will be trimmed to the correct size when the blocks are to be assembled.

This is my first Lone Star block. To add some uniqueness, I filled the background fabric with Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam. Honestly, they took a long time to prepare, because my lack of hand-embroidery experience. I am so happy with the results though. The center star blends well with Sue and Sam.

These blocks will be used for one quilt. It's the quilt that I have planned since early 2015. It will incorporate as many techniques as possible. The quilt will be called: Learn It, Make It. Coming up next will be a Feather Star block.