Fall 2016

It's been more than 3 months since my last update. There has been so much going on actually. In mid-August I found myself pregnant but was horrified with more than 2 weeks of spotting and light cramping. I pretty much stopped all sewing and quilting, and off from work for 2 weeks. The symptoms improved in September. I thought I would be fine. Unfortunately, when I had my first appointment with my OB on October 3, the ultrasound showed that I had already miscarried (no bleeding yet). The bleeding started in the afternoon, and became really heavy at night. This was my first pregnancy and my husband and I had no crew what to do, so we went to the emergency. Long story short: it's a terrible night. I spent the rest of the week resting at home and drank bowls and bowls of chicken rice wine soup to recover myself from the miscarriage. The bleeding lasted for two weeks, and I am finally recovered this week. It's been an emotionally and physically challenging period for me. I am glad that I am finally able to stepping out of the blue and resume normal life. More quilting and knitting will be coming up!

Look, I now have everything organized in the basement:

I can't wait to have more work done!