A month was skipped in my blog entry… AGAIN. That reminds me how I have been busy with life, indeed.

My parents and brother came visit us last month. I had to disassemble my cutting table and set up a twin bed in my swing room for my brother. No sewing could be done.

Fortunately, I did have some knitting accomplished.

First, a pair of mitts for myself. Custom fit, extra short. It's made with WYS Bluefaced Leicester DK in seed stitch on 3.5mm double-pointed needles. The natural, un-dyed colours and the silky, smooth feel of the fibre are just fabulous, and it was a joy to touch and knit with! I actually finished the fist mitt back in January or February, but suffered a bit from the "second-sock/mitt/glove/etc" syndrome. The mitts are so easy to make... I am not even sure if it can be justified as my own pattern.

I also had my first tryout with entralec knitting and had something that I considered construction-wise rather interesting made. It’s a cowl knitted seamlessly in the entralec way in half fisherman’s rib. I personally loved the design, so I made it into a pattern, which will be available tomorrow. 

Last but not least, I currently have another commission work going on with a magazine. It will be a lovely piece of beaded lace knitting, and the design will be unveiled next summer. Stay tuned!