Belated Post #1 - Twin Pillows

This long weekend I would try my best to update my blog. Here is post #1 for a pair of pillows I made for my friends, Jamie & Marvin, exclusively for their wedding on July 12, 2014. 

It's all about hearts: appliquéd hearts, patched hearts and quilted hearts. One is in pink, for Jamie; and other in green, for Marvin (he adores everything green). They have been together for 10+ years, ever since Grade 12!

The pink one has the appliquéd hearts hand stitched using the needle turn technique. But the green one is machine appliquéd. It's simply because I ran out of time due to all the hiccups encountered in the past months. Though machine appliquéd, it's by no means poorly finished! 

Here are some of the progress photos. There are outcomes/decisions that I am not 100% satisfied: 

1. The way that I made the zippers exposed is just inappropriate. I should definitely not use this particular zipper installing method for pillows next time. I don't want anyone get scratched. 

2. I made the scallops a bit too deep, are they? The scallop shape is from the outer curve of a cable stencil. Next time, I should slightly adjust the curvature to be more shallow. 

The pillows have definitely a 30s looks because of the retro fabrics used. I like the hint of nostalgia, the reminiscence of our great grandparents generations and their austere but joyful lives.