Belated Post #2 - Mini Quilt

My Instagram is always filled with lovely mini quilts, and I have long been so inspired to design and make my own. Having just learned the needle-turn appliqué technique, I came up with the idea of making a little appliqué quilt that I can put on a wall in my sewing room, and that it contains the name of my brainchild: Cotton Confections. I ended up with this:

The upper swag border was evolved from of a quilt by Rose Kretsinger. It's an absolutely stunning medallion quilt called Paradise Garden

The haberdashery images are simply clippings from a fabric line called Vintage Dry Goods by Daiwado. 

To balance the heavily adorned upper swag, I added a diamond border with flat piping on the bottom. 

I was meant to hand appliqué at the beginning; however, after completed the swags (not even the bows), I realized it would take forever to needle-turn the alphabets. I ended up "pasting" the rest with fusible webs and machined finished with blanket stitches. It's so adorable... and easy!

Quilted on my 710. I love my machine for FMQ. I used Aurifil 50/2 colour 2000 on the cream background, and for all bobbin thread. My Bernina loves Aurifil. The upper grey background was quilted with straight  stitches under a walking foot. The upper thread was Wonderfil Invisafil. My Bernina loathes Invisafil and it shreds crazily. I still couldn't figure out the reason. I tried lowering the upper tension, and tried both size 60 & 70 microtex/sharp needles. Either of them helped even a bit, and so I am still searching for the cause and a solution. 

I used "duo batting" for this mini quilt which includes a layer of Quilters Dream Request cotton and a half layer of Quilters Dream wool on top. The drape is fantastic! 

Now, the downside: I forgot to leave enough seam allowance for the diamond border. The 3/8" binding encroached the border and ate the bottom angle of each diamond! Luckily, it's not very noticeable when viewing from afar. 

And the mini quilt really enhanced the beauty of my sewing room!