Quilts at the Creek 2014

Despite my busy schedule this weekend (I made a measurement mistake on my bridge analysis reports, the QE team discovered it, and so I had to redo my analysis and reissue the reports this weekend to have them ready early next week. It's the most disastrous event in my career so far!)

But anyways, I managed to see Quilts at the Creek this Morning! It's also the first time I visited Black Creek Pioneer Village. 

The quilts were hung on "clotheslines" with clothespins. It's a very informal yet attractive way of displaying the quilts made by our guild members. And it fits the bucolic settings of the village nicely. The only problem is weather related: it's rainy and windy today! 

Due to wind dynamics, I found it difficult to stand still and admire the craftsmanship of our talented members! It's also not easy to take closeup photos, I tried my best with... my iPhone. 

And some of the machine quilting is truly stunning and so inspiring!

Lastly, there is a vintage quilt that I really like. The knitted lace trims on the binding is so unique.