Let me write something while my boss is away...

The YHQG March newsletter was up and I was completely thrilled that I got an honorary mention. Being a quilter of the month was really a milestone in my quilting life. I felt so heart warming after the presentation for all the encouragements and compliments from my dear quilt members. I felt so connected! In the past months since I became so passionate about quilting, I had been doing everything alone, with the unspoken support from my daring husband, who wouldn’t mind to drop me off to quilt shops, quilt shows, sewing machine shopping, sewing machine repair and etc. Now I have more support from more people. How great this is!

For the rest of the month I will be concentrating on finishing quilting the quilts. Now I have a big machine for the task and no more excuse. As promised I would love to display them on our meeting room once they are done!

Working hard on the weekdays, no natural light at night, and the lack of a good camera all contribute to the lousy photos posted recently. I am waiting for my sister’s returning from Boston at the end of the month, so I can borrow her D7100 for better photos! Also, after the miserable winter that we had in Toronto this year, I am so looking forward to the blooming season. I can’t wait to take my quilt out and take lots of photos.