I start to love my Bernina

1. The cricket sound is gone after my dealer replaced the circuit board for me. 

2. My dealer told me the reason of the wide slot openings on the needle plate: they are designed for side-way motions in B780 (710 & 750 do not have that function). Ok... I am optimistic that Bernina will supply us with normal needle plates later. 

3. The just-launched firmware update will solve the securing stitch issue. Great! I am waiting for that update to become available on the Bernina website so I can "update" my sewing "computer".

4. Previously, my machine occasionally has wonky stitch issues. I feared that it was a machine flaw. Today I made up my mind and played with the top thread and bobbin thread tension. I found the sweet spot for my favourite piecing thread: Aurifil 50/2. With bobbin tension set at 1 o'clock, top thread tension at 4.5, and with a size 75 quilting needle stitching at 1.8mm, my 710 produces almost flawless stitches on quilting cotton.  So happy!