Bernina Nova 900

I got this super cute Bernina Nova 900 in November. Too bad it's now in the tech's shop because the bobbin winder rubber ring got hardened through the years and the machine now refused to wind a full bobbin. I really hope the tech can find a replacement for my machine as it's just the perfect size and weight and package for taking out for classes and trips. Looking back, I am sure the seller lied to me. She must have been aware of the bobbin issue! It's my fault, too. I tested everything, found the bobbin winder didn't work smoothly, and thought it would be an easy fix. I should have asked for a better discount to compensate for the defect. 


I can hardly find any parts for this machine on ebay. How sad! It's just an impulsive purchase. I should have done more research. My tech said this machine is very sought after and it is worth $700+ if working properly. Well, that makes me feel better. 

She weights about 1/3 of the 710, and much smaller. She was solidly built with over 90% metal parts. 

Ah! She is just so cute!