New Foot - 97D

After a long wait (maybe 100 days), I finally had my 97D foot home today. I tried it right away, and immediately felt the difference. NO MORE WOBBLING of the fabric. Bernina should have made this foot years ago when they introduced 9mm machines. The foot is very well made, the guide is so so (not very well polished). Anyways, I got a discount from the dealer, so I felt better. Plus, I don't see myself using the guide often. As long as the foot is working great, I am happy. Piecing and patchwork will be resumed tomorrow. Several quilts in my sewing room are waiting to be finished and unveiled. 

Also, notice the 1/4" tape on the slide-on table? It's the tiger tape for learning to produce even hand sewing stitches. I found the tape thick, sticky and strong, so I used it as my sewing guide. The left edge aligns with the needle centre position, and the right edge aligns with the 1/4" marking. That way, the tape can be utilized for making quick HSTs and QSTs without drawing diagonal lines, and for aligning long strip pieces before they enter the foot area.