A Dutch Treat

Here is the exciting part: I also visited Amsterdam outside my trip to England. Of course, I didn't miss the quilt shop Den Haan & Wagenmakers. I am a long time lover of the French magazine QuiltMania and their books, so I was so well aware of this shop and the beautiful dutch chintz prints. Getting there is easy. It's located in the heart of Amsterdam, very close to the Bijenkorf department store. Tram #2 stops at about 20 meters away from the shop. The shop sells bolts and bolts of reproduction fabrics. I loved their dutch chintz inspired series (especially those in bright and saturated yellow tones). As a contrast, there is another quilt shop right next to it, which sells modern prints only. 

Amsterdam is very attractive.  I love the city so much (beside the quilt shops). Though I know the next time that I would have a chance wandering along the canals will be a long time from now, it's definitely a to be revisited place for me.