Lazy Weekend Afternoon

The lawn hasn't been mowed, the laundry baskets are full, and the floors haven't been vacuumed... but I am sitting in front of my cutting table, and chilling out! How nice this is after a week of diligently working at the office! I just picked up Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing


from the library together with some quilting books, including Marsha McCloskey's Quick Classic Quilts and Block Party, and American's Heritage Quilts from Better Homes and Gardens. These are kinda old-fashioned, out-of-prints books; but I really enjoy the contents and are inspired by many of the designs featured in those books - I have a penchant towards scrappy and traditional designs. Many of the newer quilting books, although also feature delightful projects and they are published by my favourite bloggers, the number of projects and level of technical details provided are scarce (maybe due to market- and profit- driven reasons?). I feel like, for the same amount of investment, I do not obtain as bounteous amount of contents as I would from the older generation of quilting books. And so, I have recently ordered quite a number of used, out-of-print quilting books from Amazon marketplace and had them mailed to Boston where my sister works in. Oh yeah, I feel so disadvantaged to be a Canadian! How can postage be so cheap in the US? She shipped the books to me yesterday (very expensive!) and I just can't wait to open the parcel next week!

Anyways, with my coffee on the table, my knitting work in my hands (idle hands make me feel itchy...) and my husband sitting beside playing his favourite video game which I absolutely detest, I started streaming the DVD. Mrs. Collins approached the subject so meticulously! Looking back, I feel so ashamed of my inadvertence and lightheartedness. Quilting as a hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but I know the joy will be doubled if the finished product is looking great.

So eager to improve my level of workmanship, I have a list of items in mind that I believe is worthwhile to get:

1. A straight stitch throat plate for my Phaff

2. A small, rotating rotary cutting mat

3. fine machine sewing needles

4. 50/3 sewing threads

in the past week I had some time each night to sew a bit, and three more blocks were done. However, there will be an interruption to my quilting adventure. My former thesis supervisor called me up two days ago for his plan of publishing my research works. That means I will have lesser spare time for my sewing for the rest of the summer. How boring it will be to write up a paper, comparing to quilting, right?


Last but not least, I went to the Workroom yesterday, and here is what I grabbed. I will blend in these blue tone fabrics to my up-coming blocks. So excited!