A Tint of Nostalgia...

This week's progress: I have three more blocks done. And beside piecing, I had so much fun hunting for a vintage Singer sewing machine. And I've gotten some luck! Here it is: my first vintage sewing machine treasure: A Singer 15-90, made in Canada in 1948.


 But look at her! Besides her ostensibly antiquated design, who can tell her age!


 She is hefty, sturdy and solid. She is made with iron! Yet she looks graceful and elegant. I want to name her Alcmene, mother of Heracles.


 She is just magnificent! By the way, she is still running and makes beautiful straight stitches. I tried yesterday and was just so surprised! I got it from a lady in Ajax. She said the machine belonged to her grandma, and nobody else had used it for ages! The lady's father is already 84 years old, so I guess the machine might have been idle for about 30 years...

But since I have never used a vintage sewing machine and not very sure about how to oil the mechanical parts, I will bring her to a sewing centre and have an expert perform a thorough body check for her, and clean her parts before engaging her with my daily sewing activities.


The bentwood case that came together with the machine is stunning, too!


 Also, I was given a box of attachments and accessories. I have only a limited selection of presser feet for my Pfaff 2027, so these fancy feet are so exotic to me!


Look how fancy they are!

When I went to pick it up, I didn't know the difference between 15-90 and 15-91, and mistakenly thought it was a 15-91model because the seller printed a 15-91 user manual for her machine! It was only after I came home and did a more thorough study about vintage Singer that I found 15-90 is different from 15-91. The former is less appealing because they are belt-driven, whereas 15-91, as well as the famous 201 model, is gear-driven. Beside this, I have no complain about the price I paid for her. My husband said: if she doesn't work, she can alternatively be a piece of antique for display.

Well, I guess she is still to "young" to be a piece of antique.